From September 5th on the tango argentino classes start again on Mondays. There will be three levels: beginners 1 (7-8pm), beginners 2 (8-9pm) and intermediate 1 (9-10pm). The instructors will be Gaëtan Collaert and Stefanie Boavida.

For the tango classes we will use again the same special formula we used already last year: pay for one class and get two! This means that people who enrol for the 'beginners 1' will also be allowed to attend the 'beginners 2' class that is following. The 'beginners 2' people will also be allowed to attend the 'intermediate 1' class that is following and the 'intermediate 1' people will be allowed to attend the 'beginners 2' class.

You do not have to enrol with a dance partner. The first class 'beginners 1' on September 5th is a free try out class. If you are new at LeuvenSalsa! you can also take the other classes on September 5th for free in order to see what level suits you best.

The classes take place in Appeltuin, Weldadigheidsstraat 74, Leuven (close to Parkpoort). Easy to find parking in the street or neighbourhood.

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