Cafe Manger was great last night, the Cafe Manger parties are great, no doubt. One thing though: they seem to have become the place for more experienced dancers. The more beginning dancers simply don't come (anymore) or are waiting at the side, watching the other people dancing and having fun.

It always work the same way: more experienced dancers tend to 'take over' the floor. Not so much that they physically take it and push other people away but the 'taking over' is clear. First of all experienced dancers have no hesitations: they go to a party, go to the dance floor and start dancing. Often you'll find the experienced ones on the dance floor, not next to it. If the floor is good and if the music is good that is.

Secondly, there can indeed be a bit of 'pushing' but then of a subtle kind. Giving someone an irritated look when he or she steps on your feet or hits you, haven't you ever done that? I guess we all have ... Just imagine, you're a beginning dancer, you finally dare to invite someone, she or he accepts, you start to dance amongst all these 'pro's' and then you step on someone foot and this dancer gives you a bad look ...

I've seen it happen so often, a party starts early, in the beginning there aren't that much people, the beginners are dancing. Then comes 11pm, the 'experienced' ones start to enter, they go on the dance floor and in no time they have 'taken over' the dance floor ...

Am I saying we should do something about this? No, I'm just writing about what I see. It's first and for all an excellent thing that we have a new venue in Leuven for salsa. A new place with a good floor and a 'salsa spot' that is going to be there for more than just a year. Besides the Peligroso we have now another 'fixed' date in the Leuven salsa agenda and that's a good thing. It's good also that the better dancers have an extra location, they have the right to dance too, poor fellas ;-). And on the other hand you could say we shouldn't paternalize the 'beginners' so much, they are grown ups. And the atmosphere, the energy coming out of a bunch of advanced dancers can be an extra motivation for these beginners to go on learning.

I guess this is just another reason why bigger parties like the ones we do monthly in Redingenhof certainly have some reason to exist. There is more than enough space for everyone, beginners or semi-pro's ... which just can't be the case in Café Manger.

Don't hesitate to share your views, comment or criticize if you wish ...


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