A couple of rules. Never bad to repeat them every now and then :-).

In our dance school everyone can enrol without dance partner. Many people do. In order though to keep the balance men-women (or 'leaders'-'followers') ok, there are a couple of rules to respect.

In our dance school it is possible to recuperate classes you have missed. Here as well, in order to keep the balance men-women ok, there are some things to consider. 

Rule 1: Take classes as much as you can in 'your' group. That'll be the best thing for sure for everyone: more continuity in the classes, more continuity for you, no problems for the men-women balance etc. 

Rule 2: If you really can not take a class in 'your' group, then please warn us by sending a mail to info@leuvensalsa.com before 2pm of the day in question. Sending a mail or an sms half an hour before a class starts is friendly and polite but it's in fact also too late as it's too late to find subsitutes for you in 'your' class. So please notify early! 

Rule 3: If you have missed a class, please let me know before 2pm of the day in question that are you going to recuperate it in a class that evening. In other words you cannot just go to a class that you didn't enrol for and pretend just like that that you're going to have a dance partner ;-). 

Rule 4: I also know that the system will never be perfect, but we can try and get organised. If everyone cooperates it'll work. So number 4 is not a rule, it's a remark ;-). As for people interested in having extra classes for free, you can always just come to a class and see how the situation is. Often you'll get to dance. Of course here as well it's better if you let us know or inform what the situation is. I will post on Facebook very regularly where and when we need extra leaders or followers

Rule 5: You can recuperate classes only in the period that you have enrolled for. When 'your' series has ended your 'credit' drops to zero as well.

Rule 6: Sounds logic but it's good to repeat:  please recuperate in a level that you can deal with. That means a level that is the same or lower than the level of the group you're enrolled for.


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