Good morning, in order to collect all info, pics and video's in a clear way I have just made a special group on Facebook for the boot camps LeuvenSalsa! will organize at least once a month. If you have video's or pics of some past boot camps, please post them inside this group!

The goal concerning the boot camps is the following:

1. to come to a stable sytem in which there would be at least once a month (more often twice a month) a boot camp.

2. to come to a system comparable to the enrolment for weekly classes: students will be able to enrol for a series of five boot camps over a period of 10 months (full passes or 2 workshops passes). It will also be possible of course to participate only to a specific boot camp.

The average price will be clearly lower for people enrolling for a series or for people participate at a single boot camp. With this system we’ll have two benefits: we will be sure about a certain number of participants for every boot camp and the regular students will have a lower price compared to the ‘one time’ participants. The price for the ‘regulars’ will then be comparable to the prices of our normal ‘weekly’ classes.

3. every boot camp will go from 13.30 to 19.00 and will consist of five workshops.

4. practising is crucial as you know if you want to learn and become a great dancer. These boot camps intend to challenge you, to create a ‘training space’ in which you’ll be able to work on different aspects or styles and with different instructors.

5. what is interesting with these boot camps is also that we can propose specific topics, a variety of dance styles and that we can alternate the instructors. This is I believe very interesting for dance students. Upcoming in the coming months: spinning, styling, samba, bachata, zouk, chacha, mambo and instructors like Dorine Makhoul, Gaëtan Collaert, Anderson Mendes, Carl Hourcau, Bram Vandenbosch and more to come.

6. The address of the ‘LeuvenSalsa! boot camps’ on Facebook is the following:!/group.php?gid=283431645106.

7. The first upcoming boot camp is the salsa boot camp of Gaëtan Collaert of February 5th. 5 salsa workshops focusing on styling, musicality, elasticity!

8. You can already now enrol for a full pass for 5 boot camps (to be chosen between now and end of June 2011) at a fee of 150 euro, enrol on

9. Enrol for a ‘two workshops passfor 5 boot camps ((to be chosen between now and end of June 2011) at a fee of 80 euro, enrol on

10. Here's the full program of all upcoming boot camps:







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