Beginners and intermediate

Bachata is one of the dances (with merengue, chacha, zouk, ...) that are almost always present at salsa parties. It is danced on slower, often sensual, music. Originally, just like merengue, from the Dominican Republic. Great dance in itself and it will even have some important positive influence on your salsa as there's more time here (as the rhythm is much slower) to work on the finishing of the movement and posture (Cuban motion, hands, ...).

Bachata for beginners
basic step with variations
connection with your partner
basic on the spot or travelling basic
basic into rotation  
basic turn patterns
basic musicality
leading and following flow
After this series of classes  you'll be able to dance a complete bachata variating your moves without using lots of techniques but using entirely the possibilities and variations your basics bring you.

Bachata improvers level
playing with different dynamics
bachatango, dominican step
more technical bachata turn patterns
ladies' styling & men's styling

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