General requirements before joining a certain level


No requirements. We recommend to follow this level once or twice.


2. BEGINNERS 2 Before joining this level  ...

  • You need to be able to do a proper basic step.
  • You hear the '1' almost always (men AND women!)
  • You need to have a good cross body lead.
  • You need to have a good right side single turn: with spotting and without losing balance
  • Your single turn is great: spotting, balance etc
  • You need to know what an 'open break' is and lead or follow it nicely.
  • You'll have worked on '360' and 'around the world' as well.
  • Your basic step is nice: small steps. Your cross is small and efficient and on a line.
  • Your handhold is good (strong but flexible, no thumbs, not too strong!).
  • Ladies, your arms are relaxed in general and a little more tensed when they need to. 
  • When you do an open break, you do not place your heel on the floor.


In general it is recommended to follow this level twice.


Timing. Before joining this level you need to hear the '1' let's say 80% of the time!

Spinning. Both leaders and followers can do a beautiful single right side and left side turn.

You need to master also all of this:


LADIES ... before joining the 'improvers' level ...

  • excellent cross body lead
  • right side turn is perfect (with spotting and stability)
  • your cross inside and cross outside are GREAT: always spotting back on your partner, holding the line, styling
  • your arm tension is good: relaxed always and tensed when necessary or asked for
  • side and up hand styling are looking great, arm flicks are great as well


  •  You lead all of this properly: the cross, the cross inside and outside, the walk through, the right side turn and the 360
  • NO physical leading: you don't need to DRAG anyone around (and ladies we dance with you, we are NOT your support :-)). 
  • Your open break is clear and efficient: small steps and correct timing!

We advice you to follow this level as long as necessary to reach the required elements to join 'intermediate 1' (see under).




Spinning. One and a half turn left and right is not a problem. Stability, spotting ... it's all there.

Timing is NOT a problem anymore. When tested (in shines, in chacha, in on2) your timing doesn't show to be a problem. You LIKE on2 and chacha :-).



  • Do not join 'intermediate 1' BEFORE being able to do a nice double right spin (no loosing of balance, spotting etc). You know exactly what a 'New York prep' is and you use it.
  • Your arm tension is great.
  • Your styling is diversified and looking great.
  • You react fast to all leading: copa, open break, multiple spins etc. Standard your arms are light and nice ...


  • You are leading a double spin at it should be lead.
  • Your leading is clear without being rough.
  • Timing is not a problem anymore, you can play with it.
  • You learn fast, both in shines and in partnerwork.

It is recommended to attend the 'intermediate 1' classes until you have acquired the minimum required elements of 'intermediate 2'. From 'intermediate 1' it is strongly recommended to regularly go to BOOT CAMPS, FESTIVALS, REGIONAL, NATIONAL or INTERNATIONAL parties. Cafe Manger and Palais de Buc's are great but you'll learn more from dancing with 'new' people and with people who possible have more experience than you.



Before joining the 'intermediate 2' level ...


  • A triple spin is not a problem when lead correctly.
  • Your styling is great and diversified. You hardly ever get confused on the dance floor.
  • You're learning fast both styling and technique.
  • You often go to parties, boot camps etc to acquire more techniques, meet new dancers etc.
  • Even though you are starting to know quite a lot of techniques and styling elements, you do NOT forget that the most important thing is to have a NICE BASIC BODY MOVEMENT.


  • You often go to parties, boot camps etc to acquire more techniques, meet new dancers etc.
  • Your leading is efficient and clear.
  • Your catalogue of moves is big and you can play with it.
  • More importantly: your connection with the music is STRONG.

We recommend to attend this series as long as you are learning from it.



The difference between 'intermediate 2' and 'advanced' is only the speed of the class. Not so much the technicity but the number of new elements there will be as to shines and partnerwork.

We recommend to attend this series as long as you are learning from it.

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