Maybe two or three more words on the structure of the website are not superfluous.


The first page will be very 'dynamic': lots of attention for news, for upcoming events, ... Direct links to pics and videos, to the schedule of classes and to an enrolment form. Every time a new text is introduced in the website (new event, new course, blog, new pics or vids, new background info on music, dance or culture, ...) the title of that text will appear in the frame on the right. With this page, if you want to have a quick idea of what's new and what's upcoming, you won't have to search for long ...

If you then click on 'LeuvenSalsa!' or on the 'Salsita!' button you'll go to the pages of these dance schools. You'll have a clear schedule of all the classes, a description of the dance styles and of the levels of every course, info about the instructors, info on the events we organize and on all the other activities we are proposing. These parts of the website will be much 'calmer' than the first page as the content changes less.

The website will give you the possibility to enrol online for classes or events (you'll receive a confirmation note automatically), you'll be able to register for the newsletter or to simply contact us through a form.

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schedule new classes
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New classes starting in September