Then it means that the new website is finally online ... 

It took us lots of work because the thing is we wanted (the designers of Doublegum and myself) to make something very good, a website that would be useful, that would look good, a website on which the schedule would be really clear, on which there would be a lot of background info, lots of videos, pics and lots of space for news and upcoming events (be it parties or free try out weeks, new classes, new instructors, dates for Tuscany, info on the festival, ...).

A website also that would be interesting for all people interested in Latin dance and music, not just for the salseros of 'our' area ...

As you see we have chosen to have one website for 'LeuvenSalsa!' and 'Salsita!'. After all this is one and the same structure, so let's keep it simple ...

Well, what can i say, i hope you like it and i hope we'll have a good website to build on for the coming years!




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