- Excellent DVD’s for learning salsa are the ones by Jami Josephson. New York based dancer and teacher. There are DVD’s for partnerwork (different levels), ladies' styling, etc. The explanation is very clear, both for men and women. You’ll get a step by step explanation, first from the basic moves, then going to more and more complicated combinations. They first show the move ‘on 2′, but then they show the same thing on 1 too. Best salsa DVD I know …

- Susana Montero has an excellent instructorial dvd on spinning and ladies' styling.

- Supermario's dvd's are clearly structured as well, building up from the base.


- Rough guide to World Music: giving you an extensive overview on musicians, styles (salsa but also other Caribbean genres). Excellent if you finally want to know what’s salsa, rumba, mambo, merengue … and where it all comes from.

- Situating salsa (edited by Lise Waxer): scientific approach; collection of essays about salsa throughout the world. Interesting but you’ll have to keep concentrated …

As you see that's not much, of course there's more, let me know if you have ideas ...


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