For 'Beginners 1'

Series of ten classes 85€
(master & bachelor students or -18) 80€
Classes 6 to 10 (second half of series)          
(master & bachelor students or -18) 40€

For all other levels

  • Series of 10 classes 85€ IF you enrol and pay before the deadline (80€ for master/bachelor students/-18). There will be a deadline for every start up moment. After this deadline you'll pay 90€/ 85€. 

Multiple series

1 series of 10 classes + 5 classes* 115€
2 series of 10 classes 150€
2 series of 10 classes + 5 classes* 180€
3 series of 10 classes 205€
3 series of 10 classes + 5 classes* 230€
4 series of 10 classes 255€
Full pass (all classes for 10 weeks) 290€

* 5 classes need to be the classes 6 to 10 of a series of 10 classes, it can NOT be five random classes out of the ten.


  • Single class                                     11€
  • Year pass (10 single classes)          70€ (95€ if you are not enrolled)
  • Group of 4 persons*                        5€ discount per person
* for 'beginners 1' only; send an e-mail to before the start of the first class with all names


Payments have to be done by bank transfer. For 'beginners 1' payments should be done before the start of the second class of the series. For all other levels payments should be done before the start of the FIRST class of the series.

Please always mention the dance style, day and level in your bank transfer!



The first class of every series of 'beginners 1' can be attended as a free try out class. Nevertheless we ask you to enrol in order to have an idea of the number of participants in every class!

Newcomers in higher levels can try out one class for free to find out their level.


A 'year pass' is a pass of ten classes which you can use to follow single classes of your choice. The conditions under which you can use it are the following:
  • It is valid from September 2018 until the end of June 2019
  • The fee is 70 euro if you are enrolled in a series of our classes. You can only buy and use this '70 euro pass' if you are AT THAT MOMENT enrolled in one of our series of classes.
  • If you are NOT enrolled in one of our classes you can still buy and use a year pass. The fee is then 95 euro.
  • (If you have bought the year pass while you were enrolled but are not anymore you can still use but you'll need to add 2.5 euro per class.)


Please note that we do not refund lost classes.


Recuperating missed classes is possible but should happen under these conditions:

  • You warn us in time (at least 24h beforehand), except in case of force majeure.
  • The recuperated class is of your level, within the period of your enrolment and chosen in agreement with us.
  • This can only happen once per series of 5 classes and twice per series of 10 classes and only for matters such as sickness or injury.

If you have a profession with a very unregularly schedule, please contact us beforehand and we will try to work out a solution together!


See this page for more details: click!


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