Hola todo el mundo!
Me gusta la salsa, me gusta la rumba, me gusta la bachata. Tuve la oportunidad de tomar clases de baile en su escuela, cuando estudié y hice mi práctica en Leuven, Belgica. Fueron momentos tan felices.
Tengo una cantidad de recuerdos.
Saludos desde Argentina, Mar del Plata.

Gracias por todo, hasta luego.


I was an Erasmus student. I attended two months of courses in this school. it was a pleasure. Carl is a great teacher and a great person. He is always helpful available and very polite. The lessons are dynamic and very fun, you will never get bored!There is great quality and care of both the figures in couple and passitos. The right mix for all tastes; but among all these good things i loved most the true spirit of the dance: have fun and passion. I had the opportunity to live the dance with the heart and with a smile as I love to dance. The classes are balanced and you have no problems to find the couple! .. i really recommend this school! Thank you again for all Carl . baci!


I took the Samba classes at Leuven Salsa, great experience! The classes were really good, nice atmosphere, a lot of fun and it definitely improved my stay in Leuven :-) Recommended!!


Thanks Carl for offering these great salsa classes in Leuven. I started classes in early September and ending up going for 2 months, two times a week. In these two months I saw a vast improvement in my salsa skills.

I came in with rudimentary knowledge and have left with many moves. Carl, the dance instructor, has been a great blessing; he really wants you to learn salsa and he does his best to teach you. Now I have caught the Salsa fever! I will surely continue my salsa adventure back home.

-- Carlos (Fall 2015)


Came for a short 2 month stay in Leuven and was lucky to hear about LeuvenSalsa from a colleague. I especially like this dance school because of these reasons:
• No need to bring along a dance partner: In fact, whenever applicable, you will see Carl send out messages asking for volunteering girls / guys based on the requirement and this way there is almost always a perfect balance in the classes and everyone gets to learn. This is also a win-win situation, because the volunteers get to attend the classes for free, while the class balance is maintained. This is an amazing idea!
• A highly active dance school: In the 2 months of my stay itself, there was the “Leuven Salsa Festival” (awesome!), Bachata festival, Samba initiation etc etc. So while I was part of a particular dance batch, I also got to take part in other dance workshops which was fun!
• Great teachers: While I have been to regular classes of only Carl and Alex, both of whom are amazing in their own way, I also had a chance to experience the techniques of other teachers of the school at the Leuven Salsa Festival, and I must say - they are all top notch in every way.
I also got to meet some great people along the way and overall, my time at LeuvenSalsa will be one of my most cherished memories from this trip. Thx Carl and team – you guys are amazing!


Hi Carl and Leuvensalsa in general,
Thanks for this wonderful year. I really enjoyed the classes and the overall atmosphere. I think dancing really helps to get rid of your concerns and specially salsa. I think the classes have great quality and I would recommend to anyone, even if they are absolute beginners. If I am back in Leuven, I won't hesitate in join the classes again. My best wishes for the future!


I could never imagine that it might be so hard to leave Leuven. Half a year ago I was only dreaming about going home... now I left and...and I really feel like coming back to Leuven as soon as possible. It's all because I was just really lucky to enter an amazing world of dancing. By accident I was very lucky to come to the class next day after my e-mail. The accessibility of the classes for everyone (no need for any previous experience with dancing, no need for any special tools, no even need of having a dancing partner) and the friendliness of LS team is really impressive! Honestly, I am still surprised how friendly is the atmosphere on the classes and also outside them. The salsa community in Leuven is just so fantastic, so many wonderful and extremely helpful people. Classes that I miss the most, all great parties at Cafe Manger and Palais du Buc and of course all these very nice people around helped me to go through all hard or sad moments I had while staying in Leuven, helped me to stay positive and happy all the time and finally, made my stay in Leuven really enjoyable and memorable... The only thing I can't forgive myself is that I discovered samba too late...


Hi Carl

Thank you for a wonderful 2 months of dancing in Leuven! I did a some tango, bachata and salsa classes and enjoyed every one. If I am ever in Leuven in the future, you will most definitely see me again! Loved! You have a wonderful studio- keep up the hard work :)


This was my first attempt at real dancing and I would like to say that Carl is a very good teacher, always patient and calm and makes sure that his students learn! I will be joining back next year as well :)


Hi Carl! I'm leaving Belgium this Weekend. I would like to thank you for bringing me to the salsa world, where I opened my eyes and knew lots of nice friends. It was definately the highlights during my european life. Thanks again, and wish you bigger success for your dancing career! Warm regards to you, and your whole family! Lin


Hello Carl,

First of all - big thanks for classes of salsa. To you and the other teachers. I've always felt salsa music very deep under my skin, but now, finally, I could also really learn it. I liked the structure of the lesson, always small revision, new steps and then practising with different partners.

I think there can be "something" out of this in the future hehe! :-)


Well, it has been a great run this past year... thank you Carl, thank you all for contributing to such a welcoming community and introducing me to the fantastically addictive and delightful exhilaration that is salsa! I feel so very grateful to have had the opportunity to meet and dance with you all.

I will mostly remember this as the "Year of Salsa" for me, even though the real reason to come to Leuven was rooted in academic pursuits. Of course, salsa will continue to play a role in my life wherever I may be, and as such, I will carry Leuven and all the amazing people here in my heart for the rest of my life.

I am sad to go, but excited for the next adventure! If any of you happen to visit the US, please drop me a line. I sincerely hope our paths cross again in the future!


Excellent vacation - almost all my requests fulfilled. I especially enjoyed the classes: very professional methods of teaching - very nice atmosphere. Up to eight different dances taught in only ten days. We only have to practise and go out quite often to paces where we probably meet again. As to Prata: the image of the good old Italy still exists. Very touching. Thinking already of 2013 with a smile. Monika

klara segers

We participated to the salsa in Tuscany holidays and we had a magnificent time. I'm sure we will come back next year !

Pichler Peter

Hi Carl, thanks for the nice week and for the birthday surprise. I enjoyed this week very much with very nice people. Best regards to all from Italy.

Lin Zhang

Still in the dreaming mood in Toscany! It was one of my best holidays ever and I enjoyed everything there very much! Pity that I could only stay for a short period, miss all the lovely people in our group already! I would love to go again next year, thank you so much, Carl!

Mirian Dias

I just came back from Salsa in Tuscany holidays organized by Carl. It was the most fun I have ever had in a long time! Lots of different styles of dancing classes, parties, city trip, beautiful beaches and most important, wonderful people! I loved my holidays! Thank you so much Carl! Big hug!


Door de leuke les gisteren (intermediate 1 @ Romaanse Poort) heb ik nog meer zin en uitdaging gekregen om te dansen! I like it!!! :)


Who knows where to find some great/special dancing shoes in Paris?


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