Passion for movement, passion for music, for rhythm and style.
We'll be glad to share that with you. LeuvenSalsa! proposes dance classes and events. Group classes, private classes, company and private events, parties, shows, workshops.
Salsa LA Style, salsa NY style, tango, bachata, samba de gafieira and much more!

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BackgroundsNice routine on213/02/2010
BackgroundsJohnny Vazquez & Carmen Lorente13/02/2010
BackgroundsRuben Blades13/02/2010
BackgroundsThe Vazquez brothers, inventors of the LA Style salsa13/02/2010
BackgroundsSalsa Cuban Style13/02/2010
BackgroundsSalsa New York Style on 213/02/2010
BackgroundsWhat is guaguanco?13/02/2010
BackgroundsGuaguanco on four conga's13/02/2010
VideoSami & Séverine13/02/2010
VideoMagna Gopal & Bobby Dickerson12/02/2010
VideoIsrael Gutierrez on chacha07/02/2010
VideoAndreas Bromirski & Marta Rolnik funky hiphop salsa07/02/2010
NewsPrivate classes03/02/2010
VideoNeeraj Maskara on chacha27/11/2009
VideoSupermario & Lee (two guys ...)27/11/2009

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